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Use this form to have a newly built property valued. When a new property is built, LPS must value the property before they can issue a rate bill.

If you are unsure whether your property has already been valued you should start by searching to find a property valuation.

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Houses occupied by members of the clergymen and ministers of religion are valued as domestic properties. There is a 50 per cent discount in rates, if both the following criteria are met:
  • the occupier of the property is a minister or a member of the clergyman and
  • whose post is held on a full time basis on behalf of a religious organisation
Farmhouses are valued as domestic properties. There is a 20 per cent discount in rates, if the farmhouse:
  • is occupied in connection with agricultural land
  • is occupied by a person whose main job is farming that land

Please note: to apply for a relief or allowance you will need to provide us with further information. You will receive a questionnaire in your confirmation email which you must complete in order for us to progress your application.